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The Top Soccer Leagues In The World To Watch

It is a fact that football is the most liked sporting event in the world. The way the game is organized and played is into leagues. Arriving at an objective consensus at which is the most popular league is not easy.

The only out of this is using data that is authentic that can give us authority to produce the rankings of the tournaments. Due to the emotional nature of the sport, fans are always arguing over which league should be top.

We can be confident to bring out the list because we have credible data to back us up. Reading through this piece you will be more enlightened on the positions that the leading football tournament take.

English Premier League deservedly sits at number one. A number of 20 soccer clubs take part in the tournament as shown on this site. A system of elevation and downgrading is the basis upon which the league is operated.

Between the month of May and August is when the championships of the English Premier League take place. Select broadcasting houses bid for exclusive rights to air the matches.

Closely following in the strides of the Premier League is the Spanish football championship popularly refeed to as La Liga. 20 soccer teams compete in the championship that is based on the demotion and elevation approach.

La Liga is the leading football league in the whole of Europe. The leading lights of the tournament are the maverick Real Madrid and Barcelona.

A professional football organ that is based in Germany referred to as Bundesliga takes a comfortable third spot in the list of top notch leagues on planet. Like in the preceding championships, Bundesliga is based on the system where the participating 18 teams are promoted or relegated depending on their performance.

Considering the performance of Bundesliga in the preceding five seasons, it is ranked as Europe’s fourth best. When it comes to all time attendance, Bundesliga which came to the soccer scene in 1962 has broken the world records, with Bayern Munich stealing the show most of the times. The financially endowed Bundesliga has experienced major reshuffles in its top echelons from the time it was founded.

Though in recent times there have been noticeable decrease in its ability to buy players, Italian Serie A has a formidable following, sturdy enough to earn it the fourth position. Among the star performers that has popularized the championship include Juventus and AC Milan.

Part of the reason that has put Serie A in financial crisis is the current economic situation in the country. Fans agree that soccer clubs in the championship are the most tactful on field way above other teams in the world.

Ligue 1 the French championship that had its inception in 1932 is placed at the global fifth best, a slot they deserve due to its composition of clubs that have demonstrated fine soccer. Under DNCG, the managerial discipline and integrity of the league is enforced.

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