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Important Facts About Hogan’s Beach Shop

Hulk Hogan is known for his prowess in wrestling and he is also a one-time movie star and TV reality personality. Hulk Hogan has also had a relative success in the writing industry where his work has been published. In addition to these other skills in entertainment and breakthroughs, Hulk Hogan is a dad. Interestingly, the retired wrestler has also found interests elsewhere and that is the focus of this page. Hulk Hogan is today a beach shop owner in the heart of Clearwater Beach which is a highly reputable tourist destination.

Selling of various items of novelty such as DVDs, T-shirts, autobiography posters, Hogan pants and many forms of his memorabilia from his career in the entertainment industry are the main activities the Hulk Hogan’s Beach shop is involved in. Hogan Hulk beach shop sells the T-shirts which are majorly have these writings “Hogan’s Beach”or “Hulkamania” or “Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male” which reflects and reminds him and his fans of his key role in the film Rocky III which brought him to the spotlight and made him known to the rest of the world not just the fans of wrestling. The DVDs on sale the shop are loaded with memorable contents like Mr Nanny, Wrestlemania III, Suburban Commando and even his biography My Life Outside the Ring. The Hulk Hogan’s biography has shocking details of Hogan struggled to overcome depression that saw him consider suicide following an accident his son caused, divorce and subsequent loss of valuable property which made him almost to lose all hope.

At 483 Mandalay there is a lot of foot traffic and that is where Hogan’s shop is strategically located.
The beautiful red and yellow walls have huge flat screens that give customers stunning highlights of Hulk Hogan during his days in the wrestling ring. From the highlights, you get a unique and pleasant feeling of memories and times of the great wrestler especially if you are a fan of wrestling.

The Hulk Hogan museum is also incorporated in the beach shop complete with unique wrestling artefacts. Inside the museums are huge framed photos of the great wrestler in t-shirts, bandanna, moustache and boa flexing his big biceps which nearly tears the t-shirts. Many customers and tourists keep flocking the Hogan beach shop not just to buy items but also to interact and see how the famous wrestler is spending his retirement days. The Hulk Hogan shop was started with the intention of giving back to the society and interacting with his fans and not solely to make money. The Hulk Hogan’s beach shop inspires its customers as they go around shopping.
Many customers feel that Hulk Hogan’s beach shop offers its customers inspiration and hope in addition to the actual items on offer.

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